New Home Construction Contractor in Moses Lake, WA

Sometimes, the vision you have for your ideal home is so specific that it’s easier just to build it from the ground up. Trouble is finding a reliable company with the know-how to take on new-build construction projects with confidence. This is where Ace Services comes in.

As the leading contractor and renovation company in Moses Lake and surrounding areas, we have the caliber of expertise you’d hope to see from those creating your dream home. Not only are our team members masters of in the art of building new homes, but we are capable of seeing each project through from the early stages of planning and development to the final inspection.

New Home Construction Company in Moses Lake

Together, our contractors have over two decades of experience in groundwork, 10+ years in construction, and 8+ years in building planning and development. At the helm of it all, our foreman has proven to be an expert in research and building, thus contributing to the rapid growth of our company.

This past year alone, he has led us through countless residential and commercial remodels, as well as the remodeling of three burnout projects, including the Methodist Church in Ephrata, WA.

With your new home construction project, you can feel assured we’ll put our expertise to work in creating a space that meets your every need. From demolition until the last coat of paint is dry, the Ace Services team can handle every step with ease.

Ace Services offers many services for new home construction in and around Moses Lake, including the following:

When you choose us as your preferred contractor, you’ll get comprehensive new construction services that take care of every aspect of your new home development. As an effectively run company that offers highly competitive pricing, there’s no better partner for making your new home a reality.

If you need new home construction services in Moses Lake, Othello, Warden, or any surrounding areas, call Ace Services at 509-989-1572 today!