New Construction Contractors & Pole Barns in Warden, WA

Crafting the Perfect Pole Barn for Every Customer

Whether you’re in a commercial or residential setting, Ace Services is here to service all of your post and wood frame structure needs. We specialize in pole barn designs and construction and can handle your project from start to finish.

What is a Pole Barn or Pole Building?

A pole barn (also referred to as a pole building), is categorized as a large agricultural structure that doesn’t have a basement. Pole barns are characterized by high ceilings and wide-open space. Generally, laminated wooden posts are used in a pole barn frame. Many builders and contractors today prefer to call this “post-frame building”. Pole barns require highly engineered, prefabricated components, not to mention expertise and craftsmanship. That’s where Ace Services comes in.

Why Do I Need a Pole Barn?

Our customers interested in pole barn construction and maintenance require a durable, economically built structure that can be used as a warehouse, workshop, or even a hobby shed. Pole barns can also serve as a storefront, an event center, a horse stable, or even a primary residence, if applicable.

New Construction Contractors & Pole Barns in Warden, WA

Ace Services is licensed, veteran-owned and operated. We strive with each new opportunity that comes our way to be the benchmark when it comes to repair or new construction contractors and pole barns in Warden, WA.

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